Big Pile of…

Thought I’d just share this because I can.

This is the hole in the foundation in my garage where they’re doing the repair.  The tunnel goes to the left in this picture about 10 feet or more.  The sheer amount of rebar that isn’t there between the dirt and the foundation is… troubling.  That’s what those red bars are, meant to support the weight of things like the car and the house and everything in it.  Makes me wonder if the building code has improved since 1979, or if it’s still that way today.

garage hole

And this is the amount of dirt that came out of that hole.  You see the hot water tank in the right corner.  The hole is directly beneath that, and going backwards, away from from the camera.

pile of dirt

I’ve called the insurance company and filed a claim.  The piping itself isn’t covered, and there’s no “damage” to the structure of the home.  But the excavation process may be covered.  I’ll find out for sure in the next couple of days when the claims adjuster makes his presence known.

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