Farewell, Debbie Reynolds

One day after the world loses Carrie Fisher, we lose her legendary mother as well.  Debbie Reynolds has passed away, age 84.  She leaves behind her son Todd Fisher and granddaughter Billie Lourd.


This is tough.  I can say logically that the stroke that claimed her was likely due to the stress of losing her daughter the day before, but who can say?  Honestly, does it matter why it happened?  I can’t quantify this, especially so early after it was announced.

What I can say is that two stars never burned brighter for the right reasons.  My heart goes out to their family and friends.

I’m so numb from this news that I don’t know how to process it.  Not yet, anyway.  Debbie Reynolds was a class act.  I feel privileged to have gotten to know her both through her screen work and through the memoirs that Carrie Fisher wrote.  It’s an odd thing to be so familiar with someone and to not know them at all, and to know that there’s a gaping hole where greatness once stood.

Damn you, 2016.  Enough already.

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  1. I think I need a break. Carrie Fisher almost broke me but this one hurts too. I grew up watching both of them on tv as a kid. And my father always adored Star Wars and my middle name is Lea for Princess Leia. Sigh.

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