Temporary Success

The plumbers just left.  I should have hot water in 45 minutes or so.

The repair is just temporary, sort of jury rigged like the Millennium Falcon.  Basically there’s some hardware down there holding the pipes together so I can have hot and cold running water in the interim.  This hardware is designed to do that while the pipes are being soldered together.  However, they can’t do that until the claims adjuster comes out.  Could be anytime in the next two days.  The reason is because if the pipe is weak, soldering will potentially blow another heat hole in the pipe within the next five feet.  This keeps going until the pipe holds or we replace all the pipe.  More will have to be dug out in the case of each rupture.  If I get lucky, none of that will happen.

Once all that’s done and out of the way, the next step is to get the city code inspector to sign off on the work, then to fill in the hole.

Now I have an evening ahead of me before work tomorrow.  I think maybe I’ll read now that I can focus again.

One last thing… I just found out that Debbie Reynolds got rushed to the hospital after what is believed to be a stroke.  After all that back there, I really hope she comes out of this ok.  Their family needs a win right about now.

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