Home Repairs Near Completion

In an interesting turn of negligence, the Dallas city inspector signed off on the repairs this morning by phone after interrogating the plumber about the process and materials used, so that appointment ended up not being needed.  However, the repairs to the pipes are complete, and it’s verified that all is well again in the world.  That leaves filling in the hole and putting the foundational concrete back over the top of it.

The diggers are currently filling that hole, again watchdogged by my retired Dad while I’m at work.  I secretly think he enjoys that sort of thing.  And since the hole is next to where I park my car rather than in the same spot, I should be able to return my car to the safety of the garage this evening and put this entire mess behind me.  Except, of course, for the bill.  I’ll have to deal with that, and will be doing so for a while since $8600 isn’t exactly petty cash.  At this point, I’m just happy to have this monkey off my back.  It also means I can stop blogging about it and talk about better things that consume my life.

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