Bad Monkey!

I freely acknowledge that I’m up to my armpits in debt now.  Home repairs will cause that to happen.  I can’t do anything about it except move on with my life.  That includes the idea of planning out how to pay for all that back there.  Thing is, I’ve moved past the stage of anger and worry to “Hakuna Matata.”  After the whiplash of 2016, “Hakuna Matata” is going to be my catch phrase of 2017.  I can’t see the point of spending all that time and money only to end up back where I started but still deeper in debt with nothing else to show for all the stress and headache.  So… I was a bad monkey.  I decided to reward myself with the gift of music.  After all, I’ll hardly notice the price tag of this after all that back there.

Any Disney fans out there?  Check this one out.  Presenting the Walt Disney Records Legacy Collection!  This is what’s inside:


* The Legacy Collection: Lady and the Tramp [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Disneyland [3 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Aristocats [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Pocahontas [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Toy Story [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Cinderella [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Pinocchio [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Fantasia [4 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty [2 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: Mary Poppins [3 CD]
* The Legacy Collection: The Lion King [2 CD]

I’ve had my eye on this for a while now.  I thought about purchasing one album a month, but I have no patience to wait a year.  This is… better.  I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised they haven’t released more of these.  Or all of them, for that matter.  I mean, Pocahontas is there, but no Beauty and the Beast?  Where’s The Jungle Book?  Hardly seems right.  I’m hoping they will come through eventually, and to that end I’ll be keeping my eye out.  In the meantime, this is a good addition to the collection I already have.

Oh, and Disney… while you’re taking requests… a completely remastered, sequential, and complete Star Wars saga soundtrack collection is sorely needed.  Just saying.  The last time we got close (and still no cigar) was the 4 CD anthology box set for the original trilogy back in 1993.  There hasn’t been a release of this yet that’s lived up.

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