The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Josh Kushins

When it comes to geeking out about the Galaxy Far, Far Away, there are many paths you can take.  One of my personal favorites is in discovering the concept art, in exploring how the characters, settings, and all manner of designs evolved into what we eventually see on screen.

rogue one k-2so-evolution-concept-art

While this book is by no means exhaustive of the behind the scenes material, it is most certainly representative.  The showcased art is divided into sections, determined by the film locations in order of screen presentation.  For example, there are sections on Jedha, Mustafar, Yavin 4, Scarif, and so on.

rogue one vaders-castle-concept-art

Despite the fact that Rogue One leads directly into A New Hope, the visual language employed is not always locked into what we know so well.  Every Star Wars film breaks the mold and adds to the already extensive library of images; Rogue One is no different in that regard.  What makes it different is that most of the creative team involved in this artwork did these designs fresh off work from The Force Awakens, and stylistically and tonally these two films couldn’t be more different.  Boundaries and expectations are continually pushed to offer the most rich experience possible for audiences.

rogue one k-2so-concept-art

Collections like this leave me in awe of the creativity that goes into a film, a reminder that these things don’t spring forth fully formed.  I wish I could share everything this book had to offer, because the the visuals are just gorgeous, and the details are amazing.  Fact is, this is a book you work over slowly with a magnifying glass and savor from cover to cover, over the course of hours or days.

rogue one star-destroyer-dry-dock-concept-art

5 stars


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