Beginning Again

My allergies are on fire today, and it’s my own fault.  I kicked up so much dust yesterday.  After morning coffee, I started moving a few art supplies into my home office so I could begin an attempt at regaining my drawing skills.  My office isn’t set up for such things, what with a computer and a large radio and all kinds of toys in the way.  I have a dining nook in my house that I converted into an art studio, but a few years of disuse meant that it had become a cluttered storage area.  After quickly becoming frustrated by the limited desk space in my office, I took a box cutter into the nook, broke down some boxes, moved them out, and started a little cleaning.  I’m still not quite done with the cleaning, but that won’t take long.  After that, I can organize things quickly and have a studio again.  It’s not ideal, with the neighbors’ three loud dogs being right outside that window, but it is functional for spreading out books and materials.  So today I’m paying the price, made worse by the continued paint fumes at work.  I’m so over this remodeling nonsense.  Past experience says they’ll have to repaint a few dozen times before they get it right.

This morning I finally cracked open the new sketchbook.  I knew my drawing skills had atrophied in the last 20+ years, but it’s humbling to see how just how badly.  As they say, use it or lose it.  I lost it.  I spent the morning trying to draw a head shot of Snow White, and 90 minutes later I was still no closer than when I started, even after working from both still shots and a couple of different YouTube videos.  I spent some time just studying the eyes, and that made some difference, but not enough to matter to the whole.  There’s no way I’m posting that work, or anything else until I’m satisfied with the result.  Baby steps.  I know how to get there because I’ve been there before.  It’ll happen eventually.

Just for the record, drawing a Disney character is every bit as difficult as drawing an animated Batman character, and for the same reasons.  I kind of figured that’d be the case going in, but… wow.

4 thoughts on “Beginning Again

  1. Things like that are never easy, man. It is worth the doing. You have artistic skill in you, and you’ve got a love for the stuff. Just treat it the same way you treat collecting. You’re missing a part of a set, and you’re going to dog it down so it’s complete. I got faith in ya.

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