Drawing Skills Retraining: Follow-Up

In regards to yesterday’s drawing skills retraining progress… it would seem I just got lucky.  This morning’s attempt to recreate that portrait has been laughable, ditto with attempts from other angles.  It’s important to be honest about such things, perhaps even brutal, when it comes to assessing a skill set.  Even so, if I can get close to the original model once, I can certainly do it again.  The skills that got me there yesterday reside inside me somewhere.  I just have to unlock them for permanent usage.

In my reassessment this morning, I’ve come up with a goal that, while difficult, I think is attainable given yesterday’s result.  I want to be able to draw a character on model… with a Sharpie.  I’ve seen people do this at autograph signings and even online at YouTube.  When my skills are competent enough that I have that kind of confidence — with pretty much any character I can name — then I’ll consider myself successful on some level.  Until then, I know what I have to do to achieve that.  All quality time towards that goal will be time well spent.  To achieve this goal, essentially I’ll have to learn how to visualize the basic shapes and grid lines on the paper without actually drawing them for reference and erasing them later.  Ultimately I’ll have to  be able to visualize the complete character in all details and “trace” over the imaginary lines.

It’s also starting to dawn on me that one character model is going to quickly create stagnation and result in more frustration than is necessary.  Time to shake things up a bit so I can develop the common ground that resides in all character models.  Sorry, Snow White.  I’ll come back to you at some point.

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