A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous

I don’t intend to get political very often on this site.  I’m not here to argue for or against any policies.  I won’t debate them with you.  When it comes to Republicans and Democrats, I see it as two sides of the same coin, with reality being somewhere in the middle.  As I’ve said before, it requires two wings to fly, both the left and the right, working in concert with one another.  That’s how the system is supposed to work… when it works.

Last night, I watched David Muir’s ABC News exclusive interview with Donald Trump.  I don’t have enough space on this unlimited blog to write up every psychological warning sign I saw.  It wasn’t that I was actively looking for them.  It was that I kept getting hit in the face with it.

Moments before the interview aired, I was sent a link to a video.  I watched it this morning.  I’ve decided that it will likely not do much good, that it will not persuade anyone, but I’ve decided to share it all the same.

The reason it will do little good is because we live in this so-called post-fact world, and people are so desperate in their need to be right, to convince themselves (by convincing those around them) that this was not the colossally bad choice it seems to be.  Except it is.  It’s just that human beings are infinitely creative when it comes to distortion of reality in the face of such… absurdity.  We can tell ourselves anything so long as we can make it through the day with food on the table and our cell phones, social media, and video games intact to distract us.  The ancient Romans called it “Bread and Circuses.”  If you don’t know how that story unfolded, you should look it up.

It’s not enough that many, if not all, of our duly elected presidents in my lifetime from Nixon to the present have all deserved jail time for war crimes, and/or civil rights violations, and/or unconstitutional policies, and that we keep electing a Congress that lets this happen time and again because it’s easier to point the finger than it is to own up and fix the problem.  We are so swept up in our identity politics and social justice and miscellaneous other pet causes that we murder one another on the streets over blatant stupidity.  And in our stupidity, we as a collective people have blissfully handed over the mantle of leadership and the nuclear codes to a megalomaniacal, narcissistic, third tier comic book supervillain fueled by perpetual lies and “alternative facts,” who delusionally thinks himself to be the hero of the story because — somehow — this was perceived by the electorate to be the lesser of two evils?  The very fact that we VOTE on the lesser of two evils, only to have that vote taken out of our hands by the Electoral College, should be a wakeup call on two levels.

But no.

And so, as I say, I think this video will fall upon deaf ears.  But I’m posting it anyway because I believe the evidence supports what is being said.  This video is an episode of “The Resistance with Keith Olbermann,” posted at GQ and at YouTube, passed on to you, for whatever it’s worth.


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