More Sketchwork

I spent some time refining these to make them less sketchy and closer to model.  I really wish I had a copier / scanner at home like I do at work so I could display these properly.  You’ll have to settle for a little subpar camera phone action.  Not ideal, but it’s what I have to work with.



I have to say, I’m rather grateful for whoever came up with the electric eraser!  Makes a world of difference for taking out blocking lines and pencil smears.  I’m still not quite happy with either of these, but I think given what I’ve been able to achieve here, I’m going to do some further refinement on them.  Clean up the pencils some more, maybe ink them.  I might even colorize them at some point if I get adventurous, but mostly I just want to see how clean I can get the lines.  Maybe I should consider doing that with all of the best sketches.

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