Tolkien Thursdays

I’ve been doing something for a while now, and I was completely unconscious of it until this morning.  Every Sunday I post the next chapter in the Middle-Earth quest for my Silmarillion Blues project.  You’d think I’d start reading the next chapter on Sunday or even Monday.  Nope.  It always ends up being Thursday.  The morning commute is spent listening to the tunes of The Tolkien Ensemble to put me in the zone, then I spend the morning over coffee reading the chapter and breezing through a first draft of the post for Sunday.  During lunch I do some reworking, then I’ll finalize it sometime Thursday evening.  I’m not sure how this turned out this way.  It’s like I’m useless on Fridays, and Saturday is almost always a random thing, so it’s Thursday or nothing.

This morning, after The Hobbit and the first five books of The Lord of the Rings, I finally realized it.  As Sherlock Holmes would say, I see but I do not observe.  Today of all days I observed, and I find it infinitely amusing for no reason whatsoever.

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