Thank You

Before the day completely got away from me, I wanted to give a big thank you to both Abby Green and to Meredith Ruduski of the Texas Early Music Project.  Both of them emailed me today to let me know the orders I’d placed have shipped, which means I should have musical awesomeness arriving soon.  As I’m not on Facebook, I wouldn’t have known otherwise, but Meredith tells me my post where I pretty much gushed about both Abby and TEMP is now linked on TEMP’s Facebook page.  Turns out, there’s a bonus disc coming too.  The TEMP CDs are coming with a sampler disc “with commentary/narration by Austin’s very own KMFA Classical 89.5 Ancient Voices host, Sara Schneider.”  How cool is that?  Thank you so much!

I have noticed a considerable bump in traffic around here today too.  I hope those of you stopping by like what you read.  Had I known to expect more company, I’d have cleaned up a bit around here.  Not too much, but enough to be presentable.  Maybe add a couple of throw pillows or something.


There… that’s about all that’s going to happen right now.  Can’t expect me to clean too much at one time.  I’m a bachelor, after all.  All that work gives me stress.  :P

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