Business Plan Revisions

Outlining a business plan is difficult.  I knew it would be, and maybe there’s a psychological factor to it as well, but it’s just not my forte to deal with numbers.  Learning is an uphill battle.  I fight it valiantly all the same.  Never give up, never surrender.

Tactics, however, will need to change.  The simple truth that I’m facing is that I don’t have the money at present to launch a full scale operation of any kind.  To do less feels… dirty, like a bad compromise.  I knew going into this that what I had in my head would not be how the final result looked, that modifications would be needed as the line was crossed from conception to realization.  I still haven’t crossed that line, and it’s already changing.  The only thing that will see this into realization as intended at this point is the investment of a venture capitalist.  Or possibly a winning lottery ticket or other such miracle.  As a Tolkien fan, I never eliminate the possibility of eucatastrophe.

If you happen to know of an interested venture capitalist, please point them my direction.

As the situation at work has changed dramatically for the better (meaning I likely won’t be fired at the end of the month), I’ve committed myself to two interconnected goals.

Goal 1 – Operation: Shawshank

I will leave my current prison job under better circumstantial and financial means, and of my own choosing (re: not theirs), by the end of the 2018, preferably sooner.  I will find and maintain either a new job or a side hustle of some sort that I can use to build a platform for financial freedom.  As yet, I have no idea what this will entail.  That’s why I said I have to find it.  The clock is ticking.  I’m convinced that there is something I can do for less than $100 down.  That side hustle, whatever it may be, will be used as a learning opportunity to gain the skills needed to secure my second goal.

Goal 2 – Operation: Enterprise

As with the famous starship, this is my five-year mission to boldly go where no Troy has gone before.  By the end of 2021, I will be the owner-operator of the aforementioned shop, or something better.

I am under no delusion that either of these goals will manifest as I intend.  That almost never works out.  I am, however, convinced that something positive will happen if I work towards them all the same, with an eye towards opportunity.

10 thoughts on “Business Plan Revisions

  1. Sucks that you need money to make money. Been there. Ok – still there. Working on it. :) Good luck with your plans. I hope they work out in some fashion or other.

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