Back on Goodreads

Yeah… I’m back on Goodreads.  I’m not really happy about it, but the simple fact is that I needed somewhere to catalog my books, especially for research purposes.  Between the sheer amount of them I have, and that the GR app has a barcode scanner, it’s the most expedient way of tackling the problem.  It’ll take me a while.  Essentially I’m dumping everything into an “unshelved” category, and then I’ll sort it out from there.  It’s not a priority, just something I can whittle away at during my lunch breaks or whatever.

Given past experience, and having learned from it, I have no intention whatsoever of using it as a social platform.  Nor do I intend to post any reviews there.  It’s purely for cataloging purposes this time around.  But all the same, I figured I’d say something in case anyone wants to browse the stacks or whatever.  There’s not much to see in there right now.  And I suppose at some point down the road I need to add the links and such to this site.

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