I Want Your Questions!

I’ve got a bit of surprise to announce for those of you who have enjoyed my recent dips into Early Music.

I’ve been in contact with Meredith Ruduski, one of the lovely and talented sopranos of Austin’s Texas Early Music Project, who also happens to be TEMP’s Operations Coordinator.  Meredith has generously agreed to be interviewed for this site and to answer some questions.  I have many I could ask, and will, but I thought since I have such a small and intimate readership here, why not make it a group effort?

This is your chance to learn from a professional!  Do you have questions for Meredith?  If so, head over to my contact page and send them to me.  If you would, begin your message with “Questions for Meredith” just for my housekeeping purposes.  She’s on tour with other musical companies, so once I have questions compiled, I’ll pass them to her to answer at her convenience.

To be fair to everyone here and to her, we’ll give this a week, so the deadline to get your questions in will be February 28.  Thanks in advance to all of you, and big thanks to Meredith Ruduski for allowing this opportunity.

5 thoughts on “I Want Your Questions!

  1. This is exciting indeed. I wish I knew more about early music so I could form proper questions… :(

    However, what has had me puzzled is how do interpreters know how early music would have sounded? I mean, if sheet music is available, it probably is an indication, but I would guess that sheet music, too, has somewhat changed over the centuries?

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