The Lord of the Rings – Book 6, Chapter 4: “The Field of Cormallen”

I always have this vision in my head of Prof. Tolkien’s writing desk.  On one corner are a handful of reference books for various Nordic legends or Old English manuscripts.  There’s a classically-styled fountain pen with ink well and blotter.  And close at hand there’s a large red button marked with white runes that, when translated to English, reads “I WIN!”  When he presses it, you can hear a strong voice on the wind cry out, “The Eagles are coming!”

We return in the narrative to the field of battle just outside the Black Gate, moments before the Ring is destroyed.  Orcs and Wild Men surround the armies of the West.  Nazgûl swarm overhead.  And Gandalf stands as Tolkien hits the “I WIN!” button on his desk.  Aragorn leads the Captains over the plain in a sweep while Gandalf hops a ride on the back of Gwaihir as he’s done twice before, with Gwaihir’s brother and other Eagle following in close.  Frodo and Sam are in the very heart of the destruction with no hope.  Gandalf means to extract them.  Gwaihir spots them just before they lose consciousness.

Sam wakes to find himself in a soft, warm bed in Ithilien, in the eastern lands of Gondor.  It has been a couple of weeks since the Ring was destroyed.  Gandalf says that a great Shadow has departed, and his laughter rings throughout, a sound that Sam realizes he has not its like in far too long.  Frodo is likewise rested and refreshed.  When the Hobbits learn they are to attend a reception hosted by the King, they wonder what to wear, but Gandalf instructs them that they are to dress in the ragged clothes they were in before.

At their arrival, crowds burst into thunderous applause for the Hobbits, songs of praise filling the air.  Frodo and Sam approach the throne where Aragorn welcomes them.  He lifts them and sets them upon the throne.

With great ceremony, Frodo bequeaths Sting to Sam.  A feast follows in short order, where the Hobbits are reunited with Merry and Pippin, the latter of whom seems to have grown several inches.  Come the morning, Aragorn prepares to enter Minas Tirith as its rightful king.

As you know by now, there cannot be a party in Middle-Earth without some musical accompaniment.  The Tolkien Ensemble steps up once more for those who wish to hear.  Praise them with great praise!

We also get a reprise of Legolas’s “Song of the Sea,” so it’s appropriate to link to it once more.

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