The Carmina Burana: Songs from Benediktbeuern, 3rd Edition by Tariq William Marshall

This book was an absolute joy.

I’ve been fascinated with the Carmina Burana for a good portion of my life, but it was only in recent years that I’ve been able to better appreciate the idea of the work above and beyond Carl Orff’s interpretation.  Since discovering the origin and some of the lyrics in translation, along with teases about what some of the songs were about, I’ve wanted to learn more.  This book is the answer for people like myself who are incapable of translating the original.  It’s the only complete and readily available modern English translation on the market.  And it’s a real eye-opener.  What more need be said?

It does leave me wanting complete recordings to go with this.  I have some albums dedicated to this music, which is wonderful, but to my knowledge I don’t believe anyone has yet recorded the entire collection.  If I’m wrong, I hope someone will offer me a head’s up on this.  In the meantime, I’ll remain on the lookout and revel in the fact that I can finally verify some of the rumors and legends surrounding the contents of these songs.  If you enjoy Medieval history and music, this book’s for you.

5 stars