The Meaning of Life from an Unlikely Yet Oh-So-Obvious Source

There’s a very old saying that says “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”  Unless seeing a stage show counts, I’m still waiting for that.  In the meantime, I have his audiobook.

I’m listening to So, Anyway… by John Cleese.  It’s everything I hoped it would be, and I’m only in the third chapter.  Essentially the book is his observations of his own life and human nature, told in that way that only a Python can tell.  What’s scary beyond all comprehension to me is that he’s explained things in his life and in how comedy works that so perfectly answer questions I’ve had about things in my own life.  Bluntly obvious things that have somehow eluded me.  It’s probably for the best that I’m laughing myself silly.  I don’t want to imagine what the alternative might entail.  At least now I know I’m in good company for some of this.

Related to that, I’m less than two weeks away from Scarborough Renaissance Festival, i.e., my favorite time of the year.  True to form I had to have my A/C serviced last night, thus reducing the remnants of my hard-earned fun money to fumes.  It seems Cleese is right about that one too.

My best friend once said my life plays out sometimes like a British comedy.  Perhaps I should have seen this coming.  But then, if I had, it wouldn’t be funny.

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