Site Updates

Way back when I finished transferring my book reviews from other sites, I said I still had to do that with my Audible reviews.  I’ve been procrastinating on that something fierce.  I’ve decided that starting this morning, I’m going to push two or three of those through every weekday morning, maybe a couple more on weekends (but I doubt it).  So… head’s up.  If you’re subscribed via email, you’ll be getting those emails.  But since I’m backdating them appropriately, if you’re subscribed through the WordPress feed, you won’t be seeing them there unless I forget to change the date.  Looking back at these reviews, I won’t be moving all of them over, just the ones that I think could be of some value.  As always, links will be provided on the appropriate genre pages in the pulldown menu.

Speaking of the pulldown menu, eagle-eyed readers will note that I’ve removed the links for Art Gallery, The Power of the Force (Star Wars), and These Are the Voyages (Star Trek).  I’m willing to bet nobody noticed, and that’s probably because I’ve done squat with any of those pages.  It’s not lack of interest, believe me.  With the Wars and Trek projects, it’s a case of feeling like I have a great deal of nothing to offer.  There are podcasts and blog sites galore over these, and I think a great many of them are doing such a great job that it leaves very little room unless I want to go back and start reviewing all of the films and episodes… which I may do someday.  I may reassess at some point.  The pages themselves aren’t gone, and the couple of posts I had are still on the site somewhere for those who think they want to look for them.  As to the Art Gallery, that one never got off the ground.  The idea behind it was to post some history and commentary about works of art that inspire me, and being an art major in college, it was something I thought might be of interest.  There was simply no forward momentum due to everything else I try to cram in.  Again, someday maybe.  I’m not so much scuttling things as simply keeping them in stasis for now.

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