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I’ve had some questions come up regarding older blog entries and closed comments.  Thought I’d clear some things up.

Behind the scenes, I’ve had a few spam / hacker attempts trying to post insidious links on past entries.  WP has a function where it will automatically close comments after 14 days.  I’ve not been getting many other comments on past posts that aren’t malicious, so I’ve opted to do this.  It’s cut out a lot of nonsense practically overnight.

The down side is that these old Audible reviews that I’m slowly importing… since they’re backdated to the original date, they will be posted as being already closed.

I still want your feedback if you’re inclined to offer it.  You can always email me directly via my Contact page.  Otherwise, thanks for understanding, and as always, thanks for reading.

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    • Indeed. I’ve had very few problems since I opened this site. I’m letting them host it this time instead of doing it myself, and it’s made a world of difference. But every little bit helps.

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