Email Update

Please forgive the all points bulletin here, but I need to do a little housekeeping.

Some of you following me may have my personal email address.  To make sure everyone’s on the same page, please check which address you have.  I have a couple of Yahoo email addresses that I’m in the process of cycling out so I can completely kill them in the next couple of months.

If you have a Yahoo address on file for me, that will be active only for a little while longer.  Please email me either there or use the contact page on this site so I can make sure you have the updated email.  I’m transitioning all mail to my GMX address, and I want to make sure everyone has it.  If you’ve contacted me before via the site, you should have this address already.

[EDIT: The Yahoo account is now deactivated.  If you do not have my current address, please use the contact page.  I’ll reply to you directly from that current address.  Thanks.]

Likewise, if I’m subscribed to your blog via Yahoo email, understand that I’ll be unsubscribing to keep things tidy on both sides, but I will make sure before I do so that I follow you in my WordPress Reader if I’m not already doing that.  I hope to transition this part over the course of this week.

Thanks in advance.

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