Missing: Helena

Helena bolted out the back door this morning.  She’s always been fast, but this was crazy speedy.  I tried to circle around in the hopes of herding her back inside.  She did circle around, jumped the fence towards the front, and raced across the street.  I caught up to her as she hid under a neighbor’s car.  She was as panicked as the day I brought her home.  I raced back, got her treats (the one thing she responds to), and went back.  As soon as I approached within six feet of the car, she bolted out the other side, raced back towards the house, and jumped the fence… into the neighbor’s yard where they have three large dogs.  According to the neighbor, she bounded through the yard, circled around, jumped back over the front side of the fence, and… I’ve not seen her since.

I went outside and shook the treat container because usually that brings her running, but I think we’re past that now.  She’s skittish, afraid, and now she’s alone.

Currently my front and back door are wide open with food on both porches, a few treats on top.  My hope is that she’ll either come home, or she’ll end up at a shelter.  If she ends up at a shelter, she’s microchipped, so they’ll scan her and call me so I can go pick her up.  My gut says neither will happen, but there’s always hope.

6 thoughts on “Missing: Helena

  1. So sorry, Troy! I know this sounds weird, but I’ve also heard that placing their litter outside can draw them home because they recognize their own scent from over a mile away. Hoping she makes her way back soon.

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