The Search Continues

The hunt for Helena continues.

I took off work today and canvassed the local shelters and adoption points, offering up contact info, Helena’s microchip #, and her photo.

Thanks to the Nextdoor app, I got notified this morning from someone that they had seen her yesterday morning in a neighborhood just south of my house.  Apparently she’s already making friends of other neighborhood cats, so she’s building a support system.  I drove through there to check it out.  There’s plenty of bushes and trees to hide in and several dead-end streets and circles, so I’d have virtually no luck trying to corner her.  There’s also an empty field beyond that.  Clever girl.

The good news is she’s alive and healthy, and apparently quite capable of bounding into bushes.

6 thoughts on “The Search Continues

  1. What about camping out at her new hideout neighborhood for several hours. Or taking a very long stroll through the area. Give her an opportunity to recognize you and pitch up on her own?


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