Helena Update

Well… good news.  I can stop poking around in the dark with my flashlight and a pocket full of treats in my scary neighborhood.  Helena’s not anywhere near my house.  Certainly nowhere near close enough to smell her scent on her belongings.

According to someone on the NextDoor app — at the edge of my extended neighborhood range — she’s made it to one of the neighboring cities.  She’s in an upscale, highly wooded neighborhood where I’m sure they pay all kinds of taxes.  In short… she traded up.  She wanted to live the high life.

I joke, but in some ways that’s a relief.  Fewer coyotes, you see, and far fewer punks who’d try to use her as bait in some cruel dog fighting game.  And better still, the city she’s currently in has more resources dedicated to, say… animal control.  Ironically, she’s just a couple of miles up the road from the first shelter I visited first.  And it says a great deal for her survival prowess that she’s made it that far in so little time.

Clever girl.