The Discovery of Global Warming

Upcoming weekend plans with the family are in flux.  I should know more before the evening is out.  But that’s not really the point.  The reason for that flux is that battle lines are being drawn where none existed before, and they’re getting more hardlined and entrenched where the political / religious extremists on both sides have been duking it out.  In my immediate family, it’s becoming a fact-based smackdown, and central to the argument is the topic of climate change.

My kid sister (who is a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt) decided to bring a gun to a knife fight, so to speak, and passed around a link and the warning to shut all pie holes until the information here has been read and understood.  I’ve checked this out for myself, and it is my supreme honor and privilege to pass it on to anyone else who is interested in the facts and the science behind climate change, beginning in the 19th century and increasing exponentially as our computer science likewise increased.

The site is simply called The Discovery of Global Warming.  It’s a supplement to a smaller book by the same name, revised in 2008.  The information in this link is current as of January 2017.  It’s produced by the author of the book, Dr. Spencer R. Weart, an astrophysicist and historian who was director of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Center for History of Physics and its Niels Bohr Library, “institutions dedicated to preserving and making known the history of physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields.”

What’s here is the current scientific data, a summarized history of how we got from there to here (including how the science evolved), how politics and business figure into it much later, and talking points about what we can do about it.  The information is internationally researched and sourced.  There is no political agenda attached to it.  It’s simply about scientific facts.  The site takes quite a bit to navigate and an investment of time to read, but I think most will find the information relatively easy and straightforward.

The Discovery of Global Warming


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