Happy Star Wars Day!

It’s the holiday born of a pun: “May the Fourth be with you.”  It’s a little cheesy, but any excuse to celebrate the Wars is perfectly fine by me.  I even enjoy Revenge of the Fifth and Revenge of the Sixth (always two, there are!).  Star Wars works great in trilogies.  Even so, I’m old school.  Generation one.  For me, Star Wars Day is and always will be May 25.  Somewhere along the lines the 25th got usurped as Geek Day, which is complete bantha poodoo.  That’s Star Wars day, dammit.  Still… with this month marking 40 years of Star Wars, that’s a pretty good excuse to celebrate on any day.  And let’s be honest here, Star Wars fans celebrate all year long, and especially all through the month of May.  It’s hardcoded into our DNA now by tradition.

With all of the real world baggage going on between world events and my personal life, I’ve decided to take the excuse and run with it.  Apart from interacting with tiresome prequel bashers, there is very little about Star Wars that brings me down.  Opening day is my first memory of life.  It imprinted on my young mind and became the foundation for nearly every other interest I have.  Like the Force itself, it penetrates my very being and binds my universe together.

I don’t blog about it much, though.  Aside from a review here and there, I’ve not incorporated my love of the Wars here on the blog.  Not really.  I started to, once upon a time.  I had one of my themed projects devoted to it.  Early on I made the realization that perhaps I had nothing new to add.  You see, Star Wars is the #1 search on the internet.  Has been since the advent of search engines.  That’s not by chance.  Star Wars fans are devoted to the cause, however they define it, to share their passions with whomever will listen.  There’s a large, vibrant community out there.  There are websites and podcasts as far as the eye can see dedicated to sussing out the minutiae of every little corner of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.  Everyone out there has their certain point of view to offer.  For my part, I often feel like everything that needs saying has been said.  Reviewing a new movie or book early on is easy.  It’s new.  It hasn’t been driven into the ground yet.  For the rest of it… Star Wars has become the place where I go to recharge when I’m done talking about other things, where I go when I need inspiration or guidance, or when all else fails, the company of old friends without the social aspects.

That’s not the say the siren call isn’t there.  I’m still a fan, and in the truest spirit of fandom, I want to talk about it.  I just don’t know anymore what’s been said.  The galaxy has become so large that I can’t even keep up with it all.  That’s a good problem to have.  It’s awesome.  It’s a far cry from where it was in the Dark Times of the late 80s when there was no internet and no new content of any kind.  But that’s where it stands.  I want to talk.  I have a blog, and clearly I’m not afraid to use it.  Presumably I have people following me who are interested in what I’d have to say about it.

But what do I say?

In proper Force sensitive fashion, I’m going to meditate on this.  I’m planning to do something for the 40th anniversary.  I just don’t know what yet.  I’ve got three weeks to figure it out and make it happen.

In the meantime, I’m interested in hearing from you.  After all, you’re the ones who would read it.  Is there anything in particular you want my certain point of view about?  Talk to me.  Let me know.  Either comment here for as long as the comments remain open, or feel free to contact me directly via the contact page.

May the Fourth be with you all.

5 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I love hearing your reviews of the Star Wars books, Troy, so naturally I think I’d like to hear your thoughts on the movies too. I do know I always liked your Rebels commentary posts that you did, and somewhat miss them. You’re my Star Wars expert, so naturally I listen when you talk the Wars at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate that, thank you. I don’t know about expert, but… immersed in my corner of it? lol. Movie reviews do seem like the natural answer here. I just wonder if I bring anything new to the table. Maybe after 40 years, new doesn’t matter.

      I feel bad about not commenting this season on Rebels, but I think Vader and Ahsoka being all over season 2 is what drove me to it in the first place. Still… might be worth writing something on season 3 and getting back on the weekly commentary when season 4 kicks in.


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