16 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery – First Look

    • I dunno… 14 seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager were far better Star Trek than the last three films they claimed to be Trek. I’m more than willing to give this a shot.


      • I forgot about the last three films – that’s how NOT-Star Trek they were (they don’t count). I didn’t even watch the last film. New-spock gives me the creepy crawlies and new-Kirk is an arrogant little turd just like old-Kirk (one of the reasons I don’t like ST-TOS).

        How’s the terrarium?

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        • Hey now… no bad-mouthing Kirk on this site. lol. Believe me, you didn’t miss much. I walked out on the latest film after 22 minutes.

          Well… the terrarium has plenty of plants actually growing now. Maybe too many to sustain, odd as that sounds. Nothing’s flowering, but plenty of green.


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