New Tolkien!

It’s always a better day when a new J.R.R. Tolkien book finds its way to you.  I just received my newly released hardcover of Beren and Lúthien!  W00T!

Not to put a fine point on things, but Prof. Tolkien has been dead since just before I was born, and he’s still releasing books faster than George R.R. Martin.  I try to be understanding, knowing how many irons in the fire Martin has going on, but… apparently necromancy is the key to fantasy publication?

10 thoughts on “New Tolkien!

  1. I love the story of Beren and Luthien as it appears in the Silmarillion, etc. but I find Christopher Tolkien’s rambling editorial commentaries in many of the posthumous books to be mostly repetitive and unnecessary. What is the proportion of actual story to Christopher-ramblings in this book? Is there much new/revised or is this just another weak bid for fanboy money?

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    • Based on what I’m seeing here, we’ve got several color plates and pencils by Alan Lee, about 20 pages of preface and notes about the story, 11 pages of editorial commentary, almost 50 pages of prose of The Tale of Tinúviel, about 120 pages of “excerpts” of the Lay of Beren and Lúthien, another 40 pages of commentary, 25 pages or so of revisions to The Lay of Leithian, and 14 pages of glossary and names. All in all, looks to be pretty limited on Christopher’s commentary, more focus on the professor’s original.

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      • Thanks! I’ll have to check it out once my library gets it for the sake of the illustrations, but it sounds like I already have most of the original material between The Silmarillion and The Lays of Beleriand

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        • Very likely, especially if you’ve got the giant History of Middle-Earth as well. But for those who want it, it’s nice to have it all localized, especially considering the importance of this particular tale to the mythos.

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  2. “apparently necromancy is the key to fantasy publication” HAHAHAHA. :) So we need to knock off Martin and Rothfuss and the books will be published shortly? ;) Best not to give their fans any ideas.

    I’ve ordered mine – it will take 2-3 weeks to get here. :(

    I wish they would get John Howe to draw/paint the pictures though or to paint another calendar. I prefer his art to Alan Lee’s. Or even Michael Kaluta for calendar paintings. The last few years of Official Tolkien calendars have been horrible. I’ve had to resort to going without a wall calendar or getting the Hobbit movie calendar for the past few years.

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    • I’m sure “fans” like that don’t need any such ideas.

      You raise a good point. Why doesn’t Howe do more of these? It can’t be for lack of offers.

      Ah, Kaluta… I became a fan of his from his work on The Shadow. No one else comes close on that one.


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