The Lord of the Rings – Appendix C: Family Trees (Hobbits)

If there’s anything Hobbits like more than food or pipeweed, it’s an account of their family grandeur through genealogy.  This section offers up the family trees of some notable Hobbit families.  All dates are in Shire-reckoning (year 1 = Third Age 1601).

The family trees herein are of absolutely no surprise, featuring the lines of our Hobbity heroes: Baggins, Took, Brandybuck, and The Longfather-Tree of Master Samwise.  If you have the 50th Anniversary Edition of LOTR, there are two more trees for Bolger of Budgeford and Boffin of the Yale.  These trees were first published in The Peoples of Middle Earth (Volume XII of the mammoth series The History of Middle-Earth).

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