The Lord of the Rings – Appendix D: Calendars

If you thought timelines and family trees were epic level geekdom, prepare to have your illusions shattered.  Appendix D is all about Middle-Earth’s calendar systems.  It’s suddenly very difficult to mock Trekkies for their Stardates now, isn’t it?  Yeah!

As with the chronology of Middle-Earth, it’s a fool’s errand to summarize any detail for this.  You’ve read my blogs to this point, so you know how difficult that is for me to resist, but… c’mon.  I can count on one hand the number of people who could do it successfully.  One of them wrote this Appendix.  ‘Nuff said.

Tolkien offers us the Shire Calendar (complete with tables of days and months), the Calendar of Imladris (Reckoning of Rivendell), and the Númenórean calendars of the King’s Reckoning and the Stewards’ Reckoning.  And to be fair to those who enjoy epic level geekdom, it’s actually quite fascinating to crawl into Tolkien’s head space for a while and see how he reasoned out this stuff for in-story definition.  It’s also a bit soul-crushing when you realize you’ll never be so awesome as to fully grasp this stuff without actually somehow implementing it into your own life.  There’s a scary thought…

No epic level geekery in Middle-Earth is complete without Elves, so we’re given the seasons, months, and days of the week in both Quenya and Sindarin.

For the record, this isn’t nearly as geeky as it gets.  If you read this section, or indeed have kept up at all with anything in Middle-Earth to this point, you know that language matters.  The final sections of The Appendices are reserved for exactly that topic, which is what truly mattered most to Tolkien.  Stay tuned.

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