The Lord of the Rings – Appendix E: II. Writing

Last week we learned how to pronounce all things Middle-Earth.  But keep in mind, Tolkien was not only a linguist, he was an historian.  That means writing stuff down in all those languages he created.  Calligraphy enthusiasts, this bit’s for you!

Accordingly, writing systems are put forth in this subsection, being an essential part of language and its evolution, and the history of their evolution is outlined.  The section on the Fëanorian Letters deals with the usage of the system and the names of the letters, complete with a table of Tengwar (Elven letters).  For Cirth, the same is provided in regards to Angerthas (Dwarven letters), followed by a discussion of how different peoples modified the system.

I am SO in over my head here.

4 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings – Appendix E: II. Writing

      • I actually had a lot more I could take from the Writing section… the section on pronunciation and sounds just messes with my dyslexia. Having actually done some studying on the history of books (which includes script and printing) came in use!

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        • No doubt. I can see where that would come in very handy. I sympathize with the dyslexia though. Well, you can always add more, or you’ve got a holiday weekend to use to your advantage now. A couple more weeks of this, and then it’s on to The Silmarillion.


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