Lost Treasure

After I blogged about how proud I was of the work I’d done the day before on the monsters, tragedy struck.  I spent yesterday in a frantic mess trying to recover some audio that’s “precious” to me.  I’d long since lost the original cassettes, but I had the digital files I’d transferred from them.  Both my digital files and my offsite backup version are corrupt and unplayable.  I couldn’t rescue any of it.

Let me back up and tell you what I’m talking about.  I have lost my rare recording of Christopher Lee narrating The Silmarillion.

Scouring the internet for a replacement, I can’t even find mention that he ever recorded it.  That’s probably the most disturbing part of this.  I’ve had in my collection years before he ever recorded The Children of Húrin.  Now it’s like it never even existed.  I mean, I sort of get it.  They don’t track audio performances the way they do film or TV.  But you’d think this would be something the Tolkien community would talk about.

I still have my Martin Shaw recording, which is the “official” version you can find at the Tolkien shop and other sources.  It’s a good recording, well done all around.  But… Christopher Lee…

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