Long Holiday Weekend Ahead

I’ve sometimes wondered if I plot the graph of my life, does it look like an even sine-wave?  Does it resemble some kind of music?  My graph wouldn’t be smooth enough for Gregorian chant.  I don’t think I’m interesting enough for jazz, but maybe my graph would look a violin concerto?  Maybe one by Paganini?  Or does it graph the same sort of thing as when you kick a bunch of clanging metal objects down a flight of stairs?  That’s music to someone, I suppose.  I dunno.  I found myself pondering that yesterday on the commute home.  It seemed funny at the time.

Suffice it to say, even life with SPD has its good moments.  A little sleep, some mental rejuvenation… it makes a world of difference.  I’m back on the upswing, just in time for a few days in the country.  Like New Year’s, July 4th is one of those holidays that I have to prepare for.  I love the visuals of fireworks.  The booms that come with it, not so much.  The habit of people to launch them in the middle of the night, several nights in a row (especially when the day doesn’t fall on a weekend)… you’d think with all the gunfire in my neighborhood, I’d be used to it by now.  Heading out to the country won’t help that either.  But the soundproofing is better on the house, and the view is spectacular.  Once the fireworks and gunfire dies out, you lie back in the dark and gaze at the stars.  Stars!  That’s still the best show on earth.  They don’t have those in the city.  You can see a planet here and there, the International Space Station if you know what to look for, perhaps an aircraft or two, but few stars.  Light pollution these days is as bad as noise pollution.  Out in the sticks… stars: a whole field of them in 360 degrees.  The sort of thing you only see these days in science fiction.  No stars, bad movie reboots, crappy music, and gunfire?  No wonder people are so uninspired.  Get thee to the middle of nowhere and see some stars!  And read a good book when the sun comes up.  That’s my prescription for a better life.

In the daylight, well, it’s the Texas equivalent of the moon: magnificent desolation, plus prairie grass.  There’s nothing much to see.  And I’m ok with that.  That’s why books were invented.  Besides, it’s going to be hot (Texas in July, go figure), so I don’t intend to be out in it anyway.  That big ball of fire overhead… the eye of Sauron… it burns us!  *hissssss*

My bag’s already packed.  I just have to make it through the slower than slow work day, always a little worse when half my coworkers already have the day off.  This evening I’ll drop by the house real quick, double check my arrangements, grab my stuff, and then it’s off I go, before my neighbors see that I’ve even left again.  I’ll be back in town sometime after lunch on Wednesday, before rush hour kicks back in.

The only blog post you’ll get on this site between now and then is my weekly Tolkien post, set to drop at its normal time of early Sunday morning.  I’ll be reachable through email, and I’ll probably check in from time to time to read anything that others post, but my footprint will be minimal as I attempt to unplug.  The primary objective is to work on notes for the big monster story.  Maybe read or watch a movie here and there.  Perhaps I’ll even take a day and celebrate having worked through The Lord of the Rings once more with a marathon viewing of the films.  Or maybe I’ll just marinate myself in Howard Shore’s amazing score.  No idea.  I’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

To all of my American friends, Happy 4th!  To my international friends… have a happy anyway.  If you need me for anything, you know where to find me.  I’ll be over there, away from all of… this.

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