It Could Be Worse…

My coworkers are always giving me grief, fanboy style, because I nitpick comic book movies to death.  I’m always looking for better.  And every time, somebody pipes up in a grating voice and says, “It could be worse.”

Today I decided to prove to them that they’re absolutely right.  You see, I really hate hearing “It could be worse” as a lame excuse to accept something that could be far better.

This is dedicated to all those who think things could be worse.  You’re welcome.  >:)

5 thoughts on “It Could Be Worse…

  1. This was great! I especially love how it just eeked itself above a special on iron in the ratings, the fact that the seamstress guessed for Adam West’s character and the super villain that had to jump to hit the doomsday button.
    In my mind, the humor here was very reminiscent of Hanna Barbera at this time – I mean, these are the folks who came up with Scrappy Doo, after all.

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