Joining the Fight for Internet Defense

I’m a little late to this party.  Better late than never, but I figure there are others out there who also don’t know about this and might want to know.  What am I talking about?

Yesterday was the “Day of Action” to help save Net Neutrality here in the U.S.  The Day of Action is part of a larger grass roots movement across the net, across private citizens, and across some major corporations to save the idea of a free and open internet from the control of other greedy corporations.  If you’re against the idea of big companies telling you where you can and can’t go on the internet, or if you’re against these companies slowing down other sites in favor of the ones who pay them for extra bandwidth, this fight is your fight.  That’s what Net Neutrality is all about.

One part of the movement that’s leading the charge and helping to make such activism easier / more widespread is a group called the Internet Defense League.  Behind them is a non-profit organization called Fight For the Future.

As readers of this site know, I’m not on other social media platforms.  As such my reach is limited, and that’s typically fine by me as I don’t usually want or need a big digital footprint.  But in this case, every little bit helps, which is why I’m blogging about this.  Just because the Day of Action has passed, that doesn’t mean the fight is over.  Far from it.  The internet is the truest form of free speech we have.  It should be protected at all costs by our beloved First Amendment.  If the greedy corporations get their way, it’ll be regulated like a utility.  This cannot stand.

As of today, has proudly joined the fight to save Net Neutrality.  My hope is that all who read this will join the fight and spread the word.

The Cat-Signal has been lit!

For those of you on WordPress, there’s an Internet Defense League widget you can enable on your sidebar (as I have done) to show your support.  I also urge you to click those links and sign up so as to better stay informed as things develop.

Internet Defense League

Fight For the Future


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