Be Mindful of the Present

In living an examined life, one must always live in the now.  The past can echo and make ripples in the future, but there’s always a question of whether or not we allow the past to control our destinies.  The trouble with experiencing some of the things I have in this world is that I know what’s out there and what those things are capable of doing.  I expect miracles.  Everyday.  No exceptions.  It’s one of those mental frameworks that’s designed to fail, quite possibly one of the most destructive ones.

The counter to this is fairly obvious when you step back and think about it, as the way out of most destructive cycles tends to be.  Look around, see the wonder and the beauty.  That’s where the true miracles are to be found, every single day. They happen all the time.  They’re all around you for the asking, and one never needs to wait in perturbed expectation.  Be mindful of the present.

You’d think a lifelong Star Wars fan would have this figured out by now.  It’s one of those things I get on the mental level.  Putting it into practice 24/7… that’s the real trick.  That’s what I’m working on: to let go, to unlearn what I have learned.

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