Stargate Returns!

Stargate is one of MGM’s top brands, and in spite of that, I was starting to think it was never going to return to us.  I mean, I expected it as reboots are inevitable, and they’ve been talking reboot film trilogy forever, but I never truly expected it, if you take my meaning.  I certainly didn’t expect a new web series.

According to Variety (via the Stargate Command presence at SDCC), Stargate: Origins will be 10 episodes on their new streaming platform.  I’m guessing this is to somehow modernize and compete with CBS All Access and Star Trek: Discovery, even though the SGC platform is reportedly all Stargate, all the time.  That, at least, makes some sense to me.  We’ll see how it goes.

I am one of those fans who saw the original movie opening weekend and knew it was something special.  I returned to the theater again and again for this one, as many times as possible.  Star Trek: The Next Generation was on its final season, Deep Space Nine hadn’t yet turned its eye to the brewing Dominion War, and Babylon 5 was just getting going.  It was a great era for sci-fi fans, but that sense of wonder was a bit diluted, as though we were somehow getting used to it.  Stargate gave me that and more.  In those days before the fledgling internet was a thing for most people, and thus before Amazon, I dogged the local music store (remember those?) for two months for the film’s score.  When the movie was finally released to home video, I watched with amazement at the new format: DVD.  Stargate was the very first DVD release and came free with many early DVD players.  You had to flip the disc over to watch both halves of the film.  Technology has come a long way since then (and per usual, I was late to that party as it was).  I was a loyal reader of the Bill McKay novels, thinking this was the only Stargate I’d ever have.  And then came Stargate: SG-1.  People, there are few shows that can live up to the promise of SG-1.  There are few shows that have ever been this much fun.  I begrudgingly acknowledged their bizarre animated series Stargate: Infinity, which was mercy-killed after a single season.  It had promise, but… yeah.  SG-1 kept going strong for all the right reasons and rolled out Stargate: Atlantis, which was equally amazing in its own way.  But after the nonsensical Stargate: Universe, I lost a little hope.  I wanted to love that show, but the premise of “the wrong people at the wrong time” made no sense at all for an elite status mission.  Seriously, how did they even get into the Stargate program in the first place if they were that incompetent?  And Stargate should never have been a teen soap opera.  Again, thankfully mercy killed after only two seasons.  But with it, the entire franchise.  I’ve been waiting ever since.  Not quite expecting, but waiting, praying the silent prayer of a dedicated fan.

This is a lot of hype for “just a web series.”  The wait is over.  Stargate is ramping up to something beyond this.

It seems fitting that we go back to the beginning.  There’s a lot of story hinging on whatever goes forward.  My hope is that they’ll keep the canon consistent (dare I hope for that?), maybe drop in some hints of things that weren’t known before that might open things up for whatever’s next, without, shall we say, temporal damage.  At this stage, I’ve got more faith in this than I do in Star Trek: Discovery.  A lot more.  Here’s hoping faith will be rewarded.

In the meantime, the Official Stargate Podcast has also launched.  David Read is hosting, which is freaking awesome.  Talk about fandom rewarded.  This guy is one of the veterans over at  I’ve already subscribed on my podcatcher, so I’ll be checking this out at some point during the work day today.

Stargate… thank you.  A lot’s riding on this, and I don’t want to see that gate buried for another generation.

EDIT: Stargate Command’s official site is also up and running, and I’m sure there’s a social media blitz going on as well.

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