Updates and Feedback

Another site update.  I wanted to let people know, I’ve listened to your feedback and adjusted accordingly.  Thank you for your suggestions.

To that end, the text on blog posts has been changed from light text on a dark background.  It’s now black on a lighter background (still not white because that blinds me).  Should be easier to read now for all concerned in any case.  If there are still problems, let me know.  I can’t please everything, but I can get close.

Per feedback and some self-kicking, some of my lesser-touched projects are going to get some more attention.  I want to revitalize all of the projects.  It’s just a question of time because I am gearing up to write some monster stories.  It means research time will suffer a bit.  And that may be for the best, based on some feedback I’ve received.

On the Mouse Magic series (and pretty much every film I’ve reviewed thus far), I’ve received word that some of what I discuss is too technical, and apparently I’m not that good at explaining it for those with no film or animation background.  Sorry about that.  I can’t promise that I won’t geek out on the technical stuff, but I’ll try to dial it down and focus more on story and character.  Also, I’m thinking I want to skip around a bit too.  I thought about jumping into the Disney Renaissance (those films from The Little Mermaid through Tarzan).  I was taking art and animation classes during the later part of this era, and Disney was a far better classroom for me than the classroom.  I have a better handle on the music of this era too, since the soundtracks were more readily available.  At the rate I’m going, it’d be years before I got that far, and I just don’t want to wait that long.  That ok with you?

The 007 stuff has really stalled, mostly because I made it to Diamonds Are Forever (not one of my faves), combined with the passing of Roger Moore.  Now that I’ve let that rest a while, and now that I’ve seen Moore’s final cameo role on the newest incarnation of The Saint, I think I’m ready to get back on those in the near future.  I could skip around, but for some reason, I think this project and the Star Wars project need to be done in release order to get the most out of it.  That’s more for me though.  With Bond, it gives me some perspective.  With Star Wars, it’s just pure nostalgia since I grew up with it at all stages.

I think that covers everything.  If something else needs to be addressed, or if there’s some topic you’d my take on, please feel free to comment or contact directly.  I take all things under consideration.  Thanks again.

2 thoughts on “Updates and Feedback

  1. Thank you for putting black text on grey background! :) It’s your blog -you can write what you like and however technical you want to write it. If it’s a movie blog post I usually skip it since it will be mostly gibberish to me anyway – I don’t watch that many movies. The rest is interesting.

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