Take My Money, Disney

Leave it to the House of Mouse to find new and creative ways to suck away my time and money, even after I’ve drawn lines in the sand, and make me say “thank you.”

For example, just based on the opening track alone, the new DuckTales is drawn badly, animated badly, and even the theme song is a pale shadow of its former self.  I wasn’t going to watch it.  But now it’s been revealed through leaked artwork that it could be a backdoor pilot a new Darkwing Duck series.  Et tu, Disney?  I love this character.  Of course I do.  Must watch for Darkwing Duck.  Let’s get dangerous!

What this also means is that it’s a shared continuity this time.  Despite Launchpad McQuack and Gizmo Duck appearing in both shows in the 90s, they were different universes completely for no reason whatsoever.  And since adding Darkwing into this means we can use all the villains in DuckTales stories too, maybe the storytelling will override the lamer than lame visuals.  One can only hope.  It also kind of makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing a reboot on Tailspin or Gargoyles in the near future as well, and if they’ll also be part of this shared universe.  I’m going to bite my tongue on Gargoyles for now.  Anything new would have extremely big shoes to fill on that front.

In other news, Disney has announced an end to its collaboration with Netflix.  In 2019, they’ll be launching their own streaming service.  Think of the potential!  So much content they couldn’t or wouldn’t release simply due to it not being cost effective, now available for the first time in forever.  Decades of past Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Muppets content… all at your fingertips, plus instant dibs for anything they develop going forward.  I have no idea if that’s really the plan, but it seems like a logical assumption.  If they keep that subscription rate to reasonable (say, $10 a month?), that’ll be a fan dream waiting to happen.

4 thoughts on “Take My Money, Disney

  1. I watched the older Duck Tales episodes, and they were really good. Also I don’t know who Darkwing Duck is, but from just looking at the new Duck Tales trailers, it looks like a show where he could be in. Also he looks awesome.

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