Funko POP! Star Wars Spoiler?

If this is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that a bit of merchandising leads to some questions and potential insight into a Star Wars film.  Via the incredibly awesome Jedi News site, a bit of fan art led to me to hunt down a picture of the next wave of Star Wars Funko POP! figurines for The Last Jedi.  Potential spoiler talk below the graphic, so go no further if you don’t want to know.

Sure enough, it seems that Master Skywalker is indeed wearing a red Kyber crystal around his neck, presumably that from the lightsaber of Darth Vader.  It seems reasonable enough if this is true.  First, it keeps the lightsaber from being actively used again, especially since it’s presumed via Expanded Universe 3.0 material that the lightsaber in question is in the hands of Kylo Ren.  Second, it provides Luke a constant reminder of his Father’s fall to the Dark Side, what it took to redeem him, and whatever it is that happened in between trilogies that Kylo Ren on the path of his grandfather.

What I don’t yet understand (though I’m sure I will before this is over) is why he wants (or needs?) that reminder hanging around his neck like a yoke.

In E. K. Johnston’s novel Ahsoka, we learn that the white lightsabers she carries in the Rebels TV series came about because she liberated the “blooded” crystals from the lightsabers of Sith Inquisitors, healing those crystals and returning them to a pure state.  My personal theory on this goes back to the Mortis trilogy in The Clone Wars season 3, where she is brought back to life through the remaining energies dormant within the recently deceased body of the Daughter, formerly the personification of the Light Side of the Force.  My working theory on this is that following her confrontation with Darth Vader in the season 2 finale of Rebels, she has taken up that mantle of the Light Side’s living avatar, though I’m sure we’ll get some kind of clue for this in season 4 even if there are no big reveals.  Either way, we have since learned that the idea of the Sith “blooding” their crystals will play a larger factor in the saga going forward.  This figurine seems to support the claim.

Connecting the dots, Ahsoka apparently found her balance outside of the Jedi Order while Luke is struggling with the realities of everything he’s gone through.  His decisions, and those consequences, are weighing heavily upon him, which is evident enough in the trailer we’ve seen.  This red Kyber seems to play right into that on an even deeper level.  He’s destroyed Vader’s armor, he’s dismantled the lightsaber, but he still can’t let this go.  I guess my question at this point is, does he not have the ability to liberate the crystal as Ahsoka did, or is it just a matter that he chose not to do so?  Instinct tells me it’s a bit of both.

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