1st Blogiversary!

It was one year ago today that Knight of Angels went online, the desperate solution of a refugee from another blog site that… apparently is working just fine now after all that back there.  *shakes fist*  But whatever.  I’m quite happy here, building my own little space here on the interwebs across a wide variety of topics.

The initial plan was to do something special, but I don’t even do that for my own birthday.  Usually I just take the day off from work and watch some Star Wars, a time-honored tradition since 1977 known as “Wookiee-hooky.”  Sort of irrelevant for a blog site though.  The site works all the time, even when I’m not here… sort of like having a trusty R2 unit.  A little maintenance from time to time, and it keeps going like a champ.

And holy cow, how did I get so many readers here without pushing my stuff through TwitFace and other social media?  I don’t say this enough, but you people are awesome for wanting to hang out here with little ol’ me.  I’m honored.  So… since I have nothing planned as such, I thought I’d turn it over to you, the loyal readers.  Over the course of the next few days, I’ll let you wonderful people comment here and tell me what you want to read about from me.  Any topic at all.  Anyone can suggest as many topics as they want, but stuffing the ballot box with multiples of the same topic from one person repeatedly still only counts as one.  I’ll tally things up Sunday morning over coffee (a few hours after the weekly Tolkien post drops, whatever time that happens to be that I’m functional), and the topic with the most votes wins.  Sounds good?

26 thoughts on “1st Blogiversary!

  1. My husband heard a rumor about Star Wars Rebels that he’d love for you to discuss, he says. The rumor he heard was that the writers of Rebels were on the fence about adding Starkiller (aka the main character of The Force Unleashed games) into the series. Have you heard anything about it? What are your thoughts on the idea? (I was going to PM this to you, but this is a better opportunity for it!)

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    • Hey, why wait for a blog on this one? The rumor is true. Dave Filoni came forward and said that the intention was to make Starkiller one of Vader’s Inquisitors. Apparently there was some issue with making it work, something about the concept didn’t quite gel with everything else they had in play. Would have been awesome to see though. Still… trust in Filoni. He hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

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      • Hubby is chuckling happily…you’ve made his day!

        I agree, it would have been awesome to see, and it would have made some of that game universe canon, right? Major bummer about it not working out, but still, the fact that they wanted to do it? Majorly cool!

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        • Happy to do it! It would make the character of Starkiller canon, yes, but not the events of the game. Filoni loves the old Expanded Universe, so he’s always on the lookout for how to shoehorn in elements of it and call them up to the major leagues, so to speak. If there’s a way to do it that makes sense, he’ll find it. That’s what I love about this guy. Fan service is secondary to telling good Star Wars, but he’s got our backs.

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  2. Congratulations for that anniversary of your blog.As a Historian,I appreciate your efforts to inform people.Andi have a suggestion of topics for you.Why people seems more and more in the incapacity of realising the difference between reality and fiction in works of creation? I hope it will interest you.
    Best regards
    Maurice (Belgium)

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  3. Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to more excellent posts from you!
    As far as my suggestion is concerned, I’d like to put forward the following: what is the most influential book of your life and how has it influenced you? I hope I’m not suggesting something you’ve already written about. If I’ve missed it and you’ve already spoken about it, I’d be happy to think about another question.

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