Any Problems?

Hey, all…

A friend of mine contacted me with some issues about my site, and I wanted to see if anyone else is having such problems.  She’s reporting speed issues, and apparently at least one comment has gotten lost.

Also, I noted my book review last night about The Tigress of Forli never generated an email, so… not sure what happened there either.  EDIT: I found the email problem, that was just on my end and shouldn’t have affected anyone else.  If it did, please re-subscribe, and it should fix the issue.

Hopefully all of this is temporary and extremely localized.  I’ve had no speed issues at all on my side of things, so I’m blissfully unaware of anyone else’s problems.  I don’t self-host.  I let WordPress do that for me as they have far better security, so I’m not really certain why there are issues.

Anyone else having problems?

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