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I’ve been looking at my numbers on this site, which is probably something I should never do, but it got me to thinking about some things.  And I’ve got some other random things on my mind too.  Thought I’d work through some of that here because that’s what a blog is for.  It works for me.  So if you’re not one to care about such ramblings, feel free to skip and come back next time.

I write what I’m in the mood to write about at any given point, or what I can make time to write about when life isn’t getting in the way.  I think nobody’s under any illusion that this is somehow a blog dedicated to any one thing.  I’ve got a ton of project blogs here, and I regularly neglect most of them for long periods of time while I hit others, and even then, most of them lately have been shoehorned in with book reviews.  I think it’s a foregone conclusion that almost everyone that’s followed this site has done so because you’re reading my book reviews.  At least 80% of you, likely more than that.  I’m sure some of you followed for other reasons, like movie reviews, or maybe an odd post about music here and there, or whatever, but mostly it’s books.  Is that fair to say?  Yay for people who read books!  Would that more people on my side of the screen did, but this is why I connect with people on the internet.  My tribe is out there somewhere.

This conclusion seems to track with the numbers of views and likes I’m getting on certain types of posts too.  For example, my first of the month Chivalry posts… next to no attention.  I’ve only done two of them so far, but it looks like virtually nobody’s even bothering to open them.  As the first of the month approaches once more, I find myself wondering if I should continue this thread.  I’d think maybe it’s because I do them once a month, but literally my last such post on this had eight views total over the course of the month, and only two of those on the day it dropped.  I’ve had random hits from Google searches that amount to more, so clearly this is not a popular series.  And that’s ok.  I’m not going to tell people at sword point that they should care about something they’re not interested in.  It’s just not the chivalrous thing to do.  On the flip side of that, I’ve noticed more and more people are latching on to the Tolkien quest now that we’re working through The Silmarillion.  Likewise, I’ve noticed that if I post a book review about history, science, or the occasional fiction novel, those are pretty steady for a while.  Star Wars and Star Trek posts seem to do pretty good too, but I suspect that’s just in the category of “well, duh.”  Movie posts are hit and miss, and it seems few of you are as enamored with seeing how the sausage is made when it comes to movie making or animation.  I suppose that also goes in the category of esoterics.  Again, I’m not pointing fingers or anything, I’m just noticing the trends because it gives me a measure of who some of you are.  The other measure, of course, comes from reading your blogs… and surprise, most of those seem to be book reviews.  So I think we’ve found our common ground, yes?  Yes.

The good news: book reviews will always be a part of this site.  Why should that ever be otherwise?

What did surprise me was the sheer amount of hits and new followers I’m getting from my review of John Donne’s poetry.  *blink blink*  Really?  I wouldn’t have called that based on the level of interest in my handful of Shakespeare posts, but hey, glad to see so many people are interested.  I’d like to say there’s more on the horizon where that came from, but I read poetry so very slowly, and most of the stuff I read comes in those really big books that take forever because I savor it.  *shrug*  Still, I can’t put that genie back in the bottle now that I’ve found an appreciation for such things.

In other news…

I’m still trying to reconcile Star Trek: Discovery.  I think the biggest factor I’m going to have a problem with is the connection between Sarek and Michael Burnham.  The katra thing makes no sense to me based on what we know from previous stories.  Burnham as a young kid could handle a part of Sarek’s katra where it drove Dr. McCoy insane to have Spock’s complete katra?  Why was a katra transfer needed to save her life in the first place?  Does Sarek get it back when she dies, since clearly he outlived her, or are they going to say this is where his Vulcan dementia came about in TNG?  Of all the olive branches they offered in the first novel, they only compounded that problem.  The explanations came across as “it’s Vulcan — you can’t understand, but here’s some roundabout attempt to explain it anyway to confirm you can’t understand.”  Grr.  Like I said in that book review, it’s kind of a big deal when it comes to keep characters like Spock and Sarek consistent.  Burnham should have been a strong enough character on her own without needing this added baggage to complicate things.  It’s a bridge too far for me.  Story goes, I’ll keep up with the series so long as they don’t lean too heavily on that aspect of it.  I want to love it.  I’ll see how this season unfolds, and I’ll reassess from there (likely in a blog).  That’s really about all I can do, and aside from this one bone of contention, they’ve not alienated me like some other franchises I’ve followed all my life.  This one is trying.  I want to give them the benefit of the doubt in the hopes that they don’t flush it into stupidity like DC Comics and Doctor Who did a number of years back.

Star Wars: Rebels is fast approaching its final season, and I will most definitely be blogging about that.  I don’t have nearly enough time to go back and rewatch the previous seasons, let alone blog about them properly, before the new season starts, which kind of bums me out.  It’ll happen sooner or later.  But I will stay on top of this season for sure.

The other big thing on my mind recently is the Tudor era.  In addition to the Renaissance era music I’ve been listening to as a result of some of my studies,  I’ve been rewatching the Showtime series The Tudors recently, almost finished it again at long last.  And now I’ve got another friend interested and just starting it, so we’ve begun some Tudor talk in email here and there.  The series has a lot of problems, historically speaking, which is always going to be the case with rock and roll style dramatic storytelling, and honestly I don’t know enough to pick them all out.  I’m certainly no expert.  But the show hits the broad strokes, and it presents the overall story pretty well considering it did so in 38 episodes.  For that alone, and the level of immersion that it invites, I think it’s an excellent way to introduce people to that era of history.  And then, of course, you can gauge what parts of it interest you, and you can do the deep dive into that era, focus on a single person or idea, move forward or backward from that era as you see fit, and so on.  It’s a good hook for higher learning… well, I think so, anyway.  Back on point, it’s got my attention, so I’m being drawn back into that era yet again.  The nice thing about history, no matter how much you think you know about something, there’s always more to learn, new layers to uncover.  I really don’t know what direction I’ll explore this time around, just… know it’s happening.

I thought I had more than that to discuss, but my brain decided to stop working for now.  I’ll come back to it at some point.  You know I will.

What’s going on in your world?

6 thoughts on “Some Blog Thoughts

  1. I like such posts, so thank you for sharing it! I often find myself thinking about similar things and why some write-ups fare better than others. It’s really difficult to see why sometimes. Some poetry or less specific posts on my blog tend to do better than those more in-depth ones on the world of Tolkien. Oh, and Mr Morgoth posts became a real favourite among my readers! They seem to like bad guys :D

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