RIP, Tom Petty

Timing… it’s everything.

Tom Petty just wrapped up a 40th anniversary tour this weekend with The Heartbreakers.  He was found unconscious this morning, cardiac arrest.  The decision was made to pull the plug.  Now he’s gone, just like that.  2017 claims another legend.

I had the privilege of seeing him perform live a couple of times.  So much energy, so much life.  As he described it, if you make fallback plans in life, you end up falling back on them.  His only goal was to play music.  You could feel that in his work.

Another great one, lost but never forgotten.  That’ll be quite the jam session when he reconnects with George and Roy.

Thanks for the music, Tom.  It’ll play on.

EDIT: I’ve just been informed that according to his daughter Kimberly via her Instagram account, Tom Petty is still alive.  The LAPD has also clarified they cannot confirm his death.  Here’s hoping he pulls through.

EDIT 2: His manager Tony Dimitriades has officially announced his death late last night.

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