Stupid Marketing

I  need to get something off my chest.  It’s a little stupid, but that’s why I need to call it out, because stupid like this should not be rewarded.

I got home this evening and found a business card taped to the brick of my house for Safety Tree Service.  I’ve already emailed them accordingly with the following points, but I have a blog, and I’m not afraid to use it.

First, if you’re looking for people to pay you for a service, don’t tape shit to people’s houses.  It sends the exact wrong signal.  It says you don’t care about the people or their property in the first place.  You greedy bastards.

Second, the sign on my front door clearly says “No Soliciting.”  That means don’t sell me stuff.  If I need something, I’ll call you.  I value my privacy in addition to not collecting your trash off my house.

Third, and most importantly of all, I have NO TREES in my yard.  Any idiot can count that high.  ZERO trees.  For those who are mathematically impaired, this is less than one.  There are no trees to trim.  This means I don’t need this service at all.  Talk to my neighbors, the ones who clearly have plenty of trees overgrowing into my yard.

So consider this rant my way of marketing through word of mouth.  It is the best way to advertise, after all.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Marketing

  1. LOL. You have your neighbours’ trees invading your yard, so you do need their services. Unless your place has laws against chopping up the neighbours’ invading vegetation? But I agree with you about taping stuff to your house – it’s annoying and makes extra clean-up work. I find random phone calls from people trying to sell me stuff more annoying, especially if the phone call is a pre-recorded robot!!! or someone doesn’t get the concept of “no thanks” and carries on babbling or phones again just after you have hung up.

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