Reader Request: Q&A

This blog is, just as the title suggests, a Q&A, most of them dealing with various projects I have in the works.  Every now and again, I’ll get messages from people who use my contact form to email me directly, and sometimes they ask questions.  In each case, I’ve answered every one of them directly, and while all of them have elected to remain anonymous this time around, they’ve all agreed to let me post their question here so all readers could have the answers if they so wanted them.  Admittedly, I’ve put this off for a while, so some of these happened yesterday, and some of them happened… back there somewhere.  I’ll present them here in no particular order.


Q: When’s the next Shakespeare post?  How soon before you get to Macbeth?

A: I’m hoping to post the next one before the month is over.  I’ve been working through Henry VI, Part 2.  It’s… been a bit of a slog.  Seriously, I’m tempted to skip it and Part 3 as well so I can just move on to Richard III.  But that would defeat the entire point, and even if this play’s a struggle, there’s still quite a bit to be gained from it.  I have no schedule for these, so all I can tell you is that Macbeth will happen when I get to it.  After the history plays, I intent to hit the tragedies, and Macbeth is in that set.  See my Shakespeare project page for the order I’m going in.


Q: It’s almost Halloween!!!  No monster posts?  What gives?

A: I posted one (The Woman in Black).  lol.  Yeah, I know…  I seem to rarely work in conjunction with the calendar.  I’m terrible at marketing.  I also like Christmas music in January when I’m no longer being accosted by it too because that’s when it finally gets cold in Texas.  Go figure.  Still… I’m hoping to get at least one more monster post out there before the big day.  Glad there’s some interest, so thanks for that.  Any requests on this one?  (Note: I never got an answer, so I’m putting it out there for everyone.  Feel free to comment.)


Q: Dude!  Bond?

A: Yup, another project that’s been temporarily sidelined, not for lack of interest.  I’m looking forward to starting this one again, getting into the Roger Moore era.  I have no excuses other than too many irons, not enough fire, and only one of me.  But again, I’m glad there’s some interest, thanks for that.


Q: Greetings, good sir!  Are you going to continue on with your chivalry blog?

A: Honestly… I don’t think so, no.  I had the very best of intentions on this, but looking at the numbers… there is next to zero interest.  I’ve already deleted the project page (though the posts remain, and I could reinstate it if there is enough interest).  By next to zero interest, I mean the first two posts got 3 likes and 0 likes respectively.  The same posts got 6 reads and 3 reads.  Seriously… not much interest at all.  Readers are free to change my mind on this.


Q: My comment didn’t show up.

A: I’m sorry about that.  The way I have this set here, I have a ridiculous amount of bots that hammer this site (as most WP sites do), so the security settings are pretty high.  It works pretty well too.  If a comment goes into the spammer, I typically see it within 24 hours, and once I’ve verified it’s legitimately not spam, I approve it and respond.  If your comment is not approved for whatever reason, please feel free to contact me directly.  It may be that either I missed it, or it was blocked from ever reaching the spammer in the first place.  Comments with links usually hit the spammer.


Q: You said something before about skipping around on the Disney movies and doing the Disney Renaissance?  What is this?  Also, why do you talk so much about how the movies are made?  You do this on all your movie blogs.  Boring!  Talk about the characters and stuff!

A: I did say that I’d probably skip around a bit, yes.  And like so many other things, I’ve simply not had time to properly work on the next blog.

To answer about the Disney Renaissance, the short answer is 1989 to 2000.  To know why, we need to backtrack a bit.  Back in the late 70s and 80s, Disney animated features had some stiff competition from the likes of Don Bluth, Ralph Bakshi, and Steven Spielberg.  The studio was in a slump.  It had little to do with the quality of what they were turning out, but the drop in sales is the only thing executives ever see, so that’s what they go by.  The Little Mermaid made serious bank and turned things around for them.  It just so happened that the formula they used also revitalized Broadway musicals when everyone was panicking about how to follow up on The Phantom of the OperaThe Little Mermaid‘s success was followed in short order by Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and especially The Lion King, proving it wasn’t an accident.  This is also when they started marketing the Disney Princesses as a subgenre of their own, and it’s when Pixar hit big with Toy Story.  In other words, huge sales, huge merchandising, and huge popularity the likes of which the studio has not known since Mickey Mouse.  That’s the Disney Renaissance.  Essentially, all the films from The Little Mermaid through Tarzan mark this era.  If you look at what they did for Frozen, that was Disney marketing trying to make up for the missed opportunities from The Little Mermaid because they couldn’t know what they had at the time.  That’s probably more than you wanted to know.  Oops.  Maybe someone else benefitted from that.

As to why I blog about how these films are made… I went to school first for film, transferring over to art and animation.  I have a natural interest in this going all the way back to Star Wars.  I like the behind-the-scenes stuff.  I take it for granted that others might enjoy that too.


Q: Are you going to blog more about Star Trek: Discovery?  Did you stop watching?

A: I’m still watching.  My plan is to wait until Discovery goes into mid-season hiatus next month, then I’ll offer up my assessment of what I’m seeing.


That’s all the questions I have for now.  If you have a question, feel free to comment below or hit up my contact page.  Thanks for reading, thanks for playing.

2 thoughts on “Reader Request: Q&A

  1. Star Trek Discovery. I can’t wait to see what you make of it.

    My impressions after having seen only 3 episodes.

    Things I liked about it:

    Michael Burnham, she has a lot of potential. The uniforms, they are very spiffy. Lt. Saru. Although he just another Spock/Data/Odo/the Doctor analogue, Doug Jones is great and the prosthetics are top notch. Some of The basic plot ideas.

    Things I didn’t like:

    The Klingon design. They are just horrendous. They are way too over designed. What was wrong with the TNG era design? Bring back the heavy metal lobster heads! The way it seems to completely ignore Trek lore. It basically discounted the events of Enterprise. It also poses the question why is USS Enterprise (which is currently out there with Pike and Spock) look noticeably more shit than an ‘old ship’ like the Shenzou? No Majel Barret as the voice of the Ships Computer (given the current state of digital technology, it should be no problem to synthesize Ms. Barrett’s voice. Or they could go old school and find a voice impersonator. No problemo!) The amount of Dutch angles and Lens flare. Did they lose their tripod when they were shooting? They way that we didn’t get to meet anybody else in the crew. Star Trek has always been an ensemble show and I didn’t care when anyone on the bridge got hurt. What happened to the rank insignia or colours? Federation ranks had always been based on current navy rankings, these uniforms seem to rely on just throwing more gold on to denote rank rather than having a logical, easily readable system.

    I’m hoping it gets better. This was pretty dull fare: lots of clunky exposition and a plot that managed to be both pedestrian and confused. It felt like a throwback to the late 1990s, and the writers seemed to forget it was intended for a subscription services and instead wrote for a network audience, with network pacing, length and don’t-scare-the-horses sensibilities. Of course, it’s perfectly possible large chunks of this were written before release details were nailed down – but I think it needs to decide what it’s going to be fairly quickly. It can be dark and gritty subscription SF or light and fluffy network SF but it can’t be both – ‘cos that way you end up with Stargate Universe. if It’s Sci-Fi I’ll stop watching in no time…

    NB: I’m one of those who reads your chivalry posts…

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    • You have many of the same comments I’ve had, although I also can’t stand the uniforms. I blogged about that one a while back. Three more episodes in, many of those gripes haven’t changed, but there are certainly some things in play I do like. I want to get a better handle on where they’re going before I make more snap judgments. I’m pretty sure I figured out the tribble on Lorca’s desk though. That’s been bugging me since I first heard about it, and now… I’m kicking myself for not having see it for what it’s always been: a Klingon detector.

      EDIT: I may post more on chivalry, but at this point I don’t think it’s a project based on past response. But thanks for reading it.

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