RIP, Fats Domino and Robert Guillaume

2017’s reaper is working overtime and really needs to stop for a while.  We lost two legends the same day, both of them with careers near to my heart.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Fats Domino and Emmy winning actor Robert Guillaume have passed, each leaving a legacy as unique as they were.

Fats Domino, aka Antoine Domino Jr., is best remembered for his single “Blueberry Hill,” which I’ll always remember from early episodes of Happy Days. When I was little, I watched that show religiously.  It was probably my first in-road into early Rock and Roll.  Fats was played often in my world, alongside the likes of Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis.  For me, he’s one of the defining voices of that era.  That he continued on to the end with 35 albums speaks volumes.

Robert Guillaume… I grew up on this guy’s work as well, from Benson to Sports Night.  Because of him, I first learned the name Frederick Douglass, having performed that role in the mini-series North and South.  Guillaume’s range and gravitas never ceased to amaze me.  He’s one of those great character actors that made TV worth watching.  As a Disney fan, I’m grateful to have him as the voice of Rafiki from The Lion King.

My thoughts go out to all those these greats left behind.  Their legacies lives forever.


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