Loth-Wolf Says What?

I have something I need to add to my discussion of the latest episodes of Star Wars: Rebels, “The Occupation” and “Flight of the Defender.”  I figured I’d toss it out here just because I can rather than going back to edit the previous post.

I don’t think I picked up on this the first time, but when Ezra asks why the Loth-Wolf is helping him, the Loth-Wolf says what sounds like “Doom.”  Turns out, he’s saying “Dume.”

Caleb Dume.

This is the real name of Kanan Jarrus, before Order 66, as revealed to us in the prequel novel A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller.

Star Wars A New Dawn

This opens up some really interesting character points.  Since we know the Loth-Wolf is somehow connected to Ahsoka (but likely not her reincarnation or whatever), it stands to reason it might know what she would know.  Well, she knew Caleb Dume at the Jedi Temple before Order 66.

Whatever this Loth-Wolf is signifying, this just opened things up another level for me.

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