More Star Wars. So Much Star Wars.

What’s down the road for the Galaxy Far, Far Away?  I think we knew the anthology films would continue.  After Rogue One, Kathleen Kennedy said that’s where the future lies.  But both Lucasfilm and Disney had their sights on more.  There were always rumors.  Now we have confirmation.

Rian Johnson, who is helming The Last Jedi, is set to be the man behind the vision for the next trilogy:

In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.

So this trilogy isn’t Episodes X, XI, and XII, but nobody said that wasn’t happening either.  This is looking to kickstart a whole new set of anthology films.  Exciting times.

In other news…

Disney’s streaming service coming in 2019 will have the long-awaited, oft-rumored live action Star Wars TV series.  The only question I have now is, is where Dave Filoni will be heading after Rebels ends this season, or does he have another animated series in the works?  Either way, I’m all in.

7 thoughts on “More Star Wars. So Much Star Wars.

  1. All going more smoothly than EA’s launch of their Star Wars-branded Battlefront 2, which has been a disaster of a release so far. I bet many people there wish they never heard the term “loot crate” again!

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        • There was a lot of behind the scenes shuffling, and a lot rides on Battlefront. If it fails after all that back there, I’ll be surprised.

          For whatever reason, your comments keep getting spammed. I’m sorry about that, but… this is why I’m always looking. WP needs a whitelist function. lol


        • It occurred to me that since I’m largely out of the loop on video game news outside of peripheral hype, I maybe needed to peek in on this. I think you called it. The rollout for this is sounding terrible. It’s not so much the quality of the game, but it sounds like you have to pay as much to unlock a single character as you do for the game itself, which means unlocking all of them will go into 4 digit spending. That’s insane! I hope there’s a serious biteback on this sort of financial abuse.


          • Yeah, the entire structure of this game (either play 60 hours before you can play Luke Skywalker, or pony up as much money as the game cost to play him now!) stinks. Just the latest poor decision EA’s made about a non-sports gaming franchise. They are getting a lot of hell for it; I haven’t seen this level of outrage directed their way since their catastrophic release of Sim City 2013 (aka “Sim City 5”). That game and franchise are dead, now.

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