Dan Rather Book Tour – What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism

Think of this post as a companion to the review of Dan Rather’s book that I posted earlier.  Last night, I had the opportunity to hear the legendary newshound interviewed as part of a tour for his new book.  Sponsored by the Dallas Museum of Art, Rather was interviewed at the First United Methodist Church of Dallas by KERA’s Krys Boyd, followed by audience Q&A.  Questioned ranged across his life, career, experience, and insights.

Every photo I took, it was like the people were bleached out, so this one is courtesy of my kid sister, without whom I’d have never even have known about the event in the first place.

Credit where it’s due.  Boyd is an excellent interviewer, which is no surprise given that she regularly does such things for KERA (Dallas’ PBS affiliate), and Rather is about as humble as they come.  I found myself comparing his insights into journalism with those of one of my college professors.  They seem to have been cut from the same cloth.

One question was asked that I think is worth sharing, about where he gets his news from these days.  He replied that he reads eight different newspapers everyday, as well as a number of online sources and magazines.  But he explained that these days, most of these outlets are news “packages,” that there are very few “news gathering sources.”  For that, he starts and ends every day with the raw information from the two most reputable news gathering sources out there: Associated Press (AP) and Reuters.

Since I went through the audiobook, I didn’t have a physical copy to annotate.  Kid Sis bought one on site before we went in, and I pointed out to her a passage that resonated with me near the front of the book where he delineated the difference between patriotism and nationalism.  I’ll close out this entry with that passage:

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